Volissos is the largest village in the Northwest part of Chios, and is located 40 km from the main town of Chios. It’s wild and distant but at the same time hospitable and enchanting. It offers to the visitors unique emotions, stunning views, magnificent landscapes and opportunities for escape to the pure nature, to the tradition, to the history.

Volissos village is built on the slope of a high and steep hill, with its medieval castle crowning it. Volissos was built during the Byzantine times. Volissos’ castle was, most likely, constructed in the 11th century, a period of general reorganization of the island. In the middle of the 15th century, the castle was repaired by the Genoese.

This is a village with a long history. Volissos, according to Thucydides, was an old aeolian city and was famous as the birthplace of Homer. At the top of the hill, a castle was built in medieval times. The Byzantine castle had a trapezoidal shape with six circular towers. Inside the castle there were several buildings, cisterns and churches. There was also a tunnel that connected the Castle with the coast and the area of ​​Python. Volissos is the largest village in northwestern Chios - in the area of ​​Mount Amani - and is also the capital of the Municipality of Amani. Managros, Magemena, Gonia, Limnia (port which is connected by ferry to the island of Psara), Lefkathia, Limnos, Lampsa, Agia Markella, are beaches of the village that are submerged in the blue sea of ​​the Aegean Sea.

Windmills and ruins of some watermills as well as many Byzantine churches adorn the surrounding area. The main church of the village is dedicated to the "Transfiguration of the Savior" and celebrates on August 6th, while the other church of the village is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and celebrates on August 15th. At the local festivals on August 6th and 15th, the visitor can enjoy the music and dance tradition of the villages. A short distance from Volissos is the shrine of St. Markella. On July 22nd, thousands of pilgrims come from various parts of the island but also from various parts of Greece for the feast of St. Markella. The holy water emanates from a cavity just by the cold sea.

Countless beaches with crystal clear waters, local flavors, traditional festivals and alternative activities are going to win the hearts of those who choose Volissos, Chios for their holidays. 

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